Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry about the no Hot Links on Wednesday. I kind forgot to do them. I guess being out of the game for so long has affected me in negative ways. That one is on me. ANYWAYS I am here now, so let's get down to business.

Joe Smith ruptured his Achilles and likely won't be back until around the All-Star Break.

This event begs the question, are the Astros okay to move on with the pitching staff we have or is it time to make a move to bolster the bullpen?

Here's what Brantley has to say on his new team and also what Hinch has seen in Brantley himself.

The dates and locations for Astros Caravan have been announced, but the individuals on the caravan have not yet been announced.

The Astros in Stage Three, The Perfect Spot.

In Realmuto news, the Astros do not seem like they are parting with Kyle Tucker to get the All-Star catcher, which means either Atlanta is going to nab him, the Marlins will finally chill out and accept the Astros offer, some random team like the Padres are going to blindside the league and way overpay for him, or he's going to be the starting catcher for Miami in 2019 (and honestly, this is personally what I would bet on because they just won't back down and it's annoying).

There will likely be a hecking lot of rookies on the Houston Astros in 2019.

Alex Bregman is the Astros representative for Houston Sports Athlete of the Year, going up against James Harden, DeAndre Hopkins, and Simone Biles.

Mr. Astros County's podcast has a new episode up and LMJ is in it, so we should all find the time to listen! (I don't get paid enough for this This is how to be a model employee kids! Watch and learn!)

It appears as if Vladimir Putin does not like the rap music.

Cows can be pessimistic and get stressed. And you thought being a cow would be easy didn't you?

On This Day in Baseball History

In 2000, 41 year old Tim Raines signed a minor league contract with the Expos.

In 2005, the Oakland A's announced they would tarp off the third deck of seats at A's home games, making the stadium the smallest in baseball.

In 2007, the Reds traded former Nation League Rookie of the Month award winner and future All-Star Josh Hamilton to the Rangers for Edinson Volquez and Danny Herrera.

Doing the musical selection bits aren't exactly my "thing", but I heard this song on the SiriusXM Mannheim Steamroller radio for the first time and I gotta say, this is one of 'em you have to hear (especially if you're a sucker for a good woodwind like myself).