Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

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"Sig Mejdal, our NASA scientist, is not sticking around in our front office in 2019 just like everybody else in the front office. The Astros have now lost the following:

Sig Mejdal, Analytics Lead/Draft and Major League Personnel Decisions Contributor
Mike Fast, Director of Research and Development
Ryan Hallahan, Senior Technical Architect
Doug White, Bullpen Coach
Jeff Albert, Assistant Hitting Coach
along with these 2019 Free Agents unlikely to come back:
Brian McCann, Catcher
Evan Gattis, Designated Hitter
Dallas Keuchel, Starting Pitcher
and 2019 Free Agents that may or may not come back:
Charlie Morton, Starting Pitcher
Tony Sipp, Relief Pitcher
Martin Maldonado, Catcher
Marwin Gonzalez, Anywhere"

Well it looks like we can add Mike Elias to the list as he will be the next man on the move from the Houston Astros, this one going to be the General Manager for the Baltimore Orioles. That's just awesome..

But onto people that will not be moving, the Astros have renewed their contract with iHeartMedia and are bringing Robert Ford and Steve Sparks back into the booth for 2019.

The good guys at the Astros are out giving kids cleats for funsies. I like them.

Remember when Ken Rosenthal told us that the Astros tried to trade for Bryce Harper? Well apparently they also tried with Avi Garcia as well.

Only 10 more hours until Blake Snell gets announced as the AL Cy Young Award Winner (just telling you now), but here is a case for every Cy Young finalist!

Jose Altuve needs coffee too. Sorry. Slow news day.

Abraham Toro has a 1.107 OPS in the Arizona Winter League (this is a scheduled, well thought-out joke that references how cold it is outside. I hope it really resonated with you, the viewer.)

Five Astros trade targets that make sense the Astros should consider.

Got an email while sitting on campus right now that my Fayetteville Woodpeckers hat was delivered and left on my front porch today. Nobody take it so I can haul in that loot.

About 7,000 homes in the U.K. still watch television on a black-and-white TV.

Speaking of the people "across the pond", some folks in England are building tiny ladders to help frogs and other small animals who accidentally fall down storm drains crawl back up. Big shoutout to the Warwickshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (W.A.R.T.)! I think I speak for everybody here at when I say that this is wicked awesome. We fully support your efforts and are proud of what you are doing! Keep saving those precious little froggy lives!

Pat me on my back as I accomplished my goal of making one Hot Link for one degree that it felt like when I walked out of my house today. Stay warm folks.