Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Hello! I love your hat!

We can finally take a break from politics finally again finally. Elections are finally over, so we can go back to finally only worrying about football until spring training finally starts.

Lance McCullers is indeed needing Tommy John surgery, which makes the decision to put him in with the bases loaded in a 1 run contest in game 4 in the ALCS even more head scratching to me.

Is Alex Bregman overlooked in the MVP race?

Alex Bregman has a YouTube channel now. Our little boy is a content creator now! Check it out here.

Should the Astros trade Tucker or Whitley? CTH says no. I tend to say yes. I used to be a "prospect hoarder" but ever since we got that World Series, I have changed my philosophy on this. You don't get many opportunities to win the league, and all we need is a couple free agent signing to get back into a position to be a favorite. Do we NEED to get Realmuto? No. But I just don't support the notion of absolutely not trading these guys. If we're getting good value back, I don't care.

But speaking of Tucker, he was statistically the unluckiest hitter on the team.

Tags wrote an article talking about the Astros with their numbers retired and how good they really were, complete with videos!

Here's a look at the Houston Astros minor league organization All-Star roster.

The Indians are...selling? Anything good?

Free Agency. Garrett RichardsAdam Jones?

Craig Biggio had his Sunshine Kids Day in MMP yesterday, which is cool.

You can't walk your dog when the sun is out in China anymore. 

Return the turts!

I got some pretty #nasty #foods to show you for the holidays because this always happens and nobody ever likes them but you still need to stay informed.