Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday Morning Hot Links

I'm a daggum liar. I said I wouldn't watch a minute of the World Series and I certainly didn't see Max Muncy's 18th-Inning walk-off home run. The Red Sox had an 87.4% Win Expectancy at one point in extra innings. Boston still apparently has a 72-28 edge in FanGraphs' simulations.

*Jim Callis writes that the Arizona Fall League is a redemption opportunity for Forrest Whitley. Whitley:
There was a lot of adversity, but I felt like I handled it pretty well, mentally. Just get back to where I needed to be, get healthy, just continue to pitch well. A couple of things were self-inflicted, but a lot were not, so just kind of take it for what it was and just move on. 

*FanGraphs' Jeff Zimmerman has Part 1 of a list of free agent pitchers with an improvable pitch mix.

*Now the Twins' manager, here's Vice with the incredible comeback of Rocco Baldelli, baseball's lost star.

*uuuhhhhh I guess that's it for today.

*A musical selection: