Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

Good morning everyone! Playoff baseball is here! Mediocrity is dead. It's Big Boys Only time. The real baseball players come out to play. We don't reward trying, we reward winning. Lets GO.

Also, we will not talk about yesterday afternoon. We just won't.

We have Game 163(s. PLURAL!) this afternoon. Oh baby we got Brewers-Cubs at 1EST/12CST followed by Rockies-Dodgers immediately after. It's gonna be a great day. Fire up your radios and/or TVs and/or Laptops because this is what October was made for.

I got your full postseason schedule. Start scheduling your month around this now. Be warned: if the Yankees win the wild card, there is a 100% chance we will be playing most if not all afternoon games for the ALDS.

FiveThirtyEight has the Astros having a 22% chance to win the World Series, followed by the Red Sox at 20% and the Dodgers at 16%.

Fangraphs have the Astros at even better odds to take it all home, sitting at a 24.1% chance to win the World Series, followed by the Dodgers at 18.1% and the Red Sox at 16.2%.

Cespedes Family BBQ is out here reminding us which celebrities we can enjoy and hate for the next 31 days.

Cleveland Indians: Opponent 1.
Astros-Indians ALDS Quick Series Preview - here.

It's Kluber game 1. It's Carrasco game 2.

It's Verlander game 1. It's Cole(?) game 2.

Astros hitters against Indians - .293 AVG, 13 HRs, and 68 strikeouts.
Indians hitters against Astros - .229 AVG, 10 HRs, and 63 strikeouts.

The Astros have outscored the Indians 45-29 in 7 games.

ESPN thinks they found the next Mr. October. SPOILERS: its Bregman.

Lance McCullers proved he IS ready for October.

Charlie Morton struck out his 200th batter of the season yesterday, the first time in his career that he has accomplished this feat.

Dallas Keuchel paid upwards of $2,500 to help an injured dog get the surgeries it needed.

The Ringer predicts their end of season awards

I don't think you want to miss the Twins 2018 Season in Review.

Space is at it again.

On This Day in Baseball History

Also in 1932, Babe Ruth called his shot.

In 1964, the Red Sox had a record low 306 people attend an Indians game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won, 4-2.

In 1974, Dodgers pitcher Mike Marshall set a record of most appearances in a season. It was his 106th.

In 1987, the Braves pulled off a triple steal.

In 2004, Ichiro broke the single season hit record.

In 2007, Matt Holliday never touched home plate.