Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros are the blue kind of "on fire" right now, defeating the Blue Jays 4-1 last night are picking up their 100th win of the season. This set many records. Tags full recap of the game is here, which I will watch and read later because I was unable to catch the game. Please do not stop reading because I am uninformed.

Roberto Osuna agreed to a peace bond today and is no longer facing any criminal charges. Alison Craig, a practicing lawyer in Canada, was on The Usual Suspects yesterday to try and explain the situation and why everything happened the way that it did. (Go to "09/26/2018 The Usual Suspects Hour 3" and fast forward to ~13:45 for the interview. Roughly 9 minutes in length)

Carlos Correa will be back in the lineup today and "feels a lot more comfortable."

A viral post has made its rounds involving an 8 year old girl with DMDD who was told be be quiet for yelling. At a sporting event. I have no doubts the Astros organization will do something very kind for this family.

Ken Giles is not backing down of the comments he made about the Astros organization.

Keep your eye on Freudis Nova in 2019.

The Astros are going with a bullpen day today. Chris Devenski will start.

Charlie Morton will rejoin the Astros in Baltimore and is expected to make a shortened start this weekend.

Geoff Blum talks to The Crawford Boxes about Weird Word Wednesdays.

Playoff Tickets. Friday. Buy them up.

Don't fret: the Astros are going to be in contention for a very long time.

Andrew McCutchen had a night to remember.

The Rangers were cuddling up on the 'ol ball diamond last night.

A rapper was hospitalized because he overdosed on Hot Cheetos.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1954, Yogi Berra played his only game at third base. Mickey Mantle also played shortstop.

In 1965, the Twins won their first pennant since moving to Minnesota.

In 1981, Nolan Ryan threw his 5th career no-hitter, the only pitcher ever to do so.

In 1997, Mike Piazza hit a ball 500 feet.

In 2007, umpire Mike Winters was suspended without pay for the rest of the year after his confrontation with Milton Bradley, who suffered a season-ending knee injury during the skirmish.

In 2012, Milo Hamilton called his final game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Astros won the game 2-0, and Milo said "Holy Toledo" one last time.