Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros have done it again. After beating the Tigers 5-4, Houston has moved up to 91-54 and are now 3 games up on Oakland with 17 to play until October. Tags full recap is here.

The Astros have rejoined The #OnPace Club for 100 wins. Also it reminds us just how bad the Orioles are.

The Astros have the highest Team Rating on FiveThirtyEight! (whatever that means)

Brad Peacock caught that blasted hand, foot, mouth disease that won't stay away from baseball.

LMJ is about to start facing live hitters soon.

Apparently the MLB is having a hard time telling who is Evan Gattis and who is Tyler White? Are they okay?

Felipe Paulino is a dominant pitcher again.

How are the Astros going to get the most out of Charlie Morton this postseason? ($)

First Tri-City won their championship, Buies Creek took home the Carolina League Championship. One may say that the Buies Creek fans are Arauz'd (I am sorry). The series was cut short due to the impending Hurricane Florence storm.

The Fresno Grizzlies dropped game 1 of the PCL Championship 10-4. Game 2 is tonight, with Trent Thornton on the hill for Fresno. Also, just humor me and scroll to the bottom of this article and tell me Yordan Alvarez doesn't look like a player model on MLB The Show in his team profile picture.

The story of just how the Astros landed Alex Bregman.

Who are the best potential starting rotations heading into October? Ted Berg breaks it down.

Spencer Kieboom Home Runs with the correct amount of teeth: 0
Spencer Kieboom Home Runs with an amount of teeth less than the average human: 1

Look at these surfing puppers!

On This Day In Baseball History
In 1930, Al Lopez hit the last "ground-rule home run" before the MLB changed the rule that any ball that bounced outside the field of play is a double.

In 1936, Kid Elberfield pinch hit for the Fulton professional baseball team at 61 years young.

In 1976, Minnie Minoso lined a base hit into left field. He was 50.

In 1979, Carl Yastrzemski collected his 3000th hit. Here is the raw, uncut, 13 minute radio call recorded on a CASETTE and recorded to Youtube.

In 1995, Harry Caray was in hot water after he said something on the air that you probably should not say on the air. The station later offered an apology. Caray did not.