Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

Welp, we did it everyone. We finally made it through another 9 inning baseball game on ESPN. And it's Labor Day! Make sure to labor hard! I know I will continue to labor hard on these Hot Links and finish up this awesome side project for this blog, so I'll be pulling my weight! But anyways, let's get back to business and run some numbers:

0: Number of Astros losses in September, so the #OnPace numbers are looking pretty stupendous.

2.5: The amount of games the Astros are up in the division.

101: The Josh James fastball in miles per hour that we haven't yet talked about on this website.

A huge number: The number of Astros double-plays this season.

30: Number of days Bregman has gotten on base consecutively.

1: Moneyball 2 joke too many on the broadcast last night.

1: Moneyball 2 joke on the broadcast last night.

4: The amount of feet low Alex Bregman can go.
@AstrosFuture has your Minor League Players of August.

Is Tyler White the 2019 DH?

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were hangin' out with some very good boys.

Speaking of good boys...

If you still don't have your World Series ring yet, circle the date: September 17th.

I think it's time to take Round Rock back.

Art Howe has been inducted in the Wyoming Athletic Hall of Fame.

Astros-Twins pitching matchups are right here.

This is a good time to bump this Josh James story ($).

Look at this notebook Mallex Smith owns.

We're gonna be hanging out with some Doctor Octopus lookin' people soon.

Look at these ugly buildings.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1962, the New York Mets expansion team was shut out for the 30th time that season.

In 2002, Joaquin Benoit recorded the longest save in MLB history, recording a 7 inning save.

In 2007, Pedro Martinez struck out his 3000th batter.

Also in 2007, Ichiro collected his 200th hit of the season by hitting a home run off of Roger Clemens.

In 2010, Gaby Sanchez dished out the most epic clothesline in MLB history.