Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Happy Friday everyone! I finished up writing a very long thing for the blog yesterday so naturally I am very tired of writing. Thankfully, the Astros had an off day as well so I don't have to recap the game and have less work to do. Nevertheless, I am going to make this a very "to-the-point" Hot Links post today. Don't worry, same amount of links, just less words. found the spin rate secret.

Here's a glimpse of the 2019 MLB rosters (spoilers, Ichiro is coming back!)

Here are some things to know about Alex Bregman. Some weirdo named James Yasko was quoted for this story. They didn't tell you in the article, but Flick Nickem declined to comment citing the reason as being "not wanting the article to be too long. You know what it's like. Kids these days want their news stories short, sweet, and to the point. Don't want to ruin that for you and your readers."

Speaking of Alex, he might have a shot to be MVP after all.

Worried about the Astros? I hope not, but I will try to make you. Sports should never be fun and always be stressful.

Karen Warren will be inducted into the Astros' Media Wall of Fame.

Which Astros are playing for their right to play for the team in October? Jake Kaplan breaks it down.

Over the Monster made a pretty neat series preview for this weekend.

Dallas Keuchel, firefighter.

Alex Cora talks the 2017 Astros AND the 2018 Astros!

The Astros honored a Galveston college baseball player for saving his brother's life.

I would strongly encourage you to buy Spiderman for the PS4. I will be playing this while you are reading this.

When Turtles Snap.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1950, Tigers outfielder *squints* Hoot Evers hits for the cycle and is the only player to hit two triples while also hitting for the cycle.

In 1967, the Giants defeated the Astros after using a national league record 25 players in one game. 

In 2005, Dontrelle Willis became the first and only 20 game winner for the Marlins.

In 2010, Trevor Hoffman notched his 600th save.