Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Folks, I have some bad news. The Astros dropped a game to the A's last night 4-3. And it was bad. Running on Laureano, watching pitches right down the middle when it matters most, walking players. So much bad. I'm not a huge fan of writing my own recap. There are a lot of writers better than I who know what they are doing. I am here to provide you some piping hot links! So on that note, if you would like a very detailed and well-written recap on what went wrong in the 9th, Chandler Rome has you covered. If you would like the full recap of the game, Tags has you covered on that front (with videos that you can click and watch too!)
ESPN Senior Writer David Schoenfield talks about the Astros recent surge and why it's "bad news" for the rest of the AL.

Alex Bregman might have a new and home run celebration idea and I am here to tell you that I do not want it and I would like more dugout stares please. Stop trying to ruin such a great thing. My favorite part of the video in the link above is the dedication of Tyler White to still do the stare and not participate in this new lame celebration even though no one else joined him. He is a boss and a legend. Absolute unit. 

It is my extremely professional opinion that you probably should not expect Jeff Luhnow to make a waiver deadline deal.

People are digging up old J.D. Martinez posts now.

Here is an old yet very intriguing read about using advanced statistics to determine 2018 awards.

You might want to listen to the Executive Access Podcast this week.

Speaking of podcasts, Lima Time Time Episode 79 is up if you haven't listened to that yet.

Oh my word. Look at Scott Servais' hair. (and this is why)

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1966, The Beatles played their last gig at Candlestick Park citing poor lighting and acoustics.

In 2006, Willy Taveras snapped his 30 game hitting streak for the Astros, a franchise record. 

In 2008, the Rays are guaranteed their first winning season in franchise history.