Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the Astros did not acquire Bryce Harper on deadline day yesterday. In fact, the Astros did not make any moves on deadline day, but a lot of teams did. Let's cover the ones that will impact us the most.

The Indians acquired Leonys Martin from Detroit as well as adding additional bullpen help in Oscar Mercado from St. Louis.

The Rays did something weird and acquired Tommy Pham from St. Louis out of nowhere. They also fleeced Pittsburgh for Chris Archer (in my opinion but what do I know), giving up both Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow. However, the most important part of this trade is this.

This wasn't a "deadline deal" per se, but the Yankees recent trade acquisition J.A. Happ got hand, foot, and mouth disease too.

But the most important deal of the deadline and most definitely the saddest, Cameron Maybin will be going back to the AL West but not to us. You didn't have to do this to us Cammy. My heart is broken...

Others included the Dodgers trading for even more players by getting Brian Dozier and John Axford to go along with Manny Machado.

The Orioles continued to trade everybody. Poor Adam Jones.

The Braves and Brewers did things that we probably won't have to worry about that I will not link because if you really care and somehow haven't heard, Google exists.

Lets talk about this ASTROS WIN:
Charlie Morton was awesome again, going 6 IP and striking out 8 while only allowing 2 ER and 6 hits (some of which were cheap and weak infield hits). Fun Fact, he also has some of the best pitch quality in baseball.

Everyone but Maldonado and Springer (who had 1 AB) recorded a hit with Reddick, Bregman, Gattis, White, and Kemp recording multi-hit games. Box Score here:

Kyle Tucker continued to sit for a THIRD STRAIGHT DAY, however, he came into the game after Springer exited with "shoulder soreness", which knowing our luck will be another DL stint because why not?

Yeah by the way, Springer got hurt while you were asleep. Also worth noting, Springer kept saying "we'll see [how it feels] tomorrow" when asked about his shoulder which does not make me feel confident that he will be back in a couple of days.

Remember, tomorrow is an afternoon game. 3:10 CST.

Carlos Correa should be going on a rehab assignment on Thursday. The timetable on Altuve is still relatively unknown.

Chris Sale went on the DL for shoulder inflammation.

Revisiting the Randy Johnson trade 20 years later (not by Kaplan, featured yesterday).

Here is a video detailing the numbers of the recent Astros slump.

Here is a fun trip down memory lane by recounting the top 5 best and worst Astros trade deadline deals.

On This Day:

In 2015, Kershaw faces Trout. It's the first time reigning MVPs have faced each other in a major league game.

In 1994, Cal Ripken played his 2,000 consecutive game.

In 1941, Lefty Gomez walked ELEVEN batters in a complete game shutout.

In 1918, the Pirates broke the longest tie in MLB history by scoring two runs in the 21st inning to beat the Braves. Art Nehf pitched all 21 innings for Boston in the contest.

One of my favorite and most underrated bands right now is a group from Denmark called Increst. They are releasing a new single today. If you enjoy grunge music/90s rock, I strongly recommend these guys. Here's a sneak peek of the new track.

A Slender Man movie is coming out but I'm pretty sure it's about 7 years too late.

A kangaroo broke into a home and locked himself in the bathroom because he just wasn't having it anymore.