Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

I hope you enjoyed your weekend without any Hot Links, because Thickie Don (if that even is his real name) probably abandoned us on purpose over the weekend and I had things to do this weekend as well so I was not able to step in. So, we have 72 hours worth of Hot Links to work through (this is not true because a lot of these Hot Links have become old news at this point, but we will have only the highest quality hyperlinks on this website application today).

As a quick recap, the Astros took 2 of 3 from our 2017 World Series opponents with scores of 2-1, 14-0, and finally 2-3, all while the Astros were still without Correa, Altuve, and for a brief period of time during this series, George Springer. Overall, this was a great series for Houston, who needs every win during this tough August schedule with Oakland and Seattle still breathing down their neck. It's off to San Francisco for a quick two game series before coming back home for the Mariners this weekend (make sure to come for the goodies).

Bad news, Jose Altuve has had a setback.

Good news, Brian McCann is getting better.

Bad news, Springer is "in discomfort". But good news, x-rays came back negative. But bad news, he could still go on the DL and something might turn up on the follow-up MRI.

Good news, Carlos Correa "feels great" after his most recent rehab start. He should be back sooner rather than later.

Here is another article on just how good Bregman has been, this one by Neil Paine over at FiveThirtyEight.

The Mariners are trying. They are trying SO HARD.

Roberto Osuna has joined the Houston Astros. Player/Management comments are quote in the article, but the full videos will be linked below.

Jake Kaplan writes about what the Astros will be doing with Lance landing on the DL ($).

Negan is going to be in the new Tekken 7 DLC. Yes, that Negan. From The Walking Dead.

Space is finally trying to do something about our stupid moon problem.

Wild Hogs Destroying Lawns In This Community.

A 90 year old woman skydived over the weekend and I still don't like leaning over the railing when I'm on the second floor of the mall


In 1890, Cy Young made his MLB debut.

In 1988, Pirates RP Jim Gott balked 3 times in 1 inning.

In 1992, Nolan Ryan was ejected for the only time in his 27 year career.

In 1993, Tony Gwynn got his 2000th hit. In 1999, he got his 3000th hit.