Friday, April 13, 2018

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend - Spot the Differences Game (and answers!)

HAPPY FRIDAY!! One thing I learned in many ways this past week is that Padres fans are GOOD fans. I mean, you gotta give them credit - even when they lose, they kinda win just because of where they are geographically. Their twitter presence is a hoot and their physical presence is even better.

Anyway! Grab your coffee, relax, forget about your real world responsibilities for a minute or two and enjoy a round of "Spot the Differences"! This week's game photo was taken by Astros Twitter's Tyler (@713TM) .

I usually will post these on Fridays, so come back again next week!

PHOTO REQUEST: If you attend an Astros game or event and take a cool photo, send it to me at to be considered for a future differences game. Please keep in mind that, to me, all Astros photos are great, but in order for one to be selected for a game, it must be clear, have detail enough for me to alter ten things and please, no personal photos. Credit will of course be given to the photographer. Thanks!

Lastly, I have included more differences for your finding pleasure. Can you find all 10? - Leigh