Sunday, April 8, 2018

Series Recap: Astros v Padres 04/06-04/08

I know the Astros completed just their third series of the season but this was the weirdest one so far. The Astros offense wasn’t clicking like we’re used to or the defense for that matter but the crowds were loud and into it anyway. Here's what went down:

Game 1: McCullers v Perdomo
Game one of the “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” series, the Astros scored 1 run off of 4 hits against the Padres. Luis Perdomo would be the only pitcher the Astros would get anything out of as the bullpen completely kept the Astros off of the bases, save for a walk issued to Marwin Gonzalez from Brad Hand. Lance McCullers struggled with the command on his breaking ball but still managed to strikeout seven through five innings. The first inning a throwing error during a pickoff attempt led to Jose Pirela making his way to third and then to home plate after a pitch from McCullers to catcher Brian McCann went right past him to the backstop. Carlos Correa answered that run with a sac fly in the 3rd, sending George Springer to the plate but that would be all the answer the Padres would get from the home team. McCullers would allow two more runs in the 5th which would be his final inning. Tony Sipp, Colin McHugh and Ken Giles took over from there. Giles would allow one more run making the final score 4-1, giving the Astros their second loss of the season.

Game 2: Cole v Mitchell
Gerrit Cole struck out 11 batters for the 2nd time in as many starts. Allowing no runs off of 5 hits, Cole has a 0.64 ERA after his first two starts of the season. Not bad at all. Outside of that, pretty much nothing else happened. At one point I wondered “What am I even gonna write about for game2?” Then came the 10th inning. After Brian McCann got on base, Derek Fisher came in to pinch run and stole 2nd base. Then Alex Bregman comes to the plate. 10th inning. 2 outs. Fisher on 2nd. I know what you’re thinking: “Line drive to left field, Fisher comes home, Astros win”. Not quite. On what should have been a standard pop out, three infielders, including Eric Hosmer, converged to the right of home plate to catch what would be the final out of the inning, only to have the ball land behind Hosmer right before Fisher scores the winning run. The Astros win and everyone asks, “What just happened”? Oh and because baseball is weird, Devenski comes away with the W.

Game 3: Morton v Ross
If you were impressed by Gerrit Cole’s ERA, guess whose ERA is even lower after 2 starts. Charlie Morton with a 0.00 ERA. Small sample sizes, so you can’t make too much out of anything yet, but it’s still pretty cool. Morton allowed only 4 hits and one unearned run. Remember how this guy is fifth in the Astros rotation? When the fifth inning came around it looked like it was gonna be another game of a whole lot of nothing offensively. Josh Reddick & Marwin Gonzalez managed to get on base before Max Stassi sent a three run bomb to the Crawford Boxes for Stassi’s first HR of the season. In the 6th inning, Reddick got his third home run of the season making the score 4-1 which is where it would stay the rest of the game, sealing the win for the Astros.

Like I said above, this was a weird series and I am glad it’s over. I’m even more glad this makes the 3rd series win in as many series’ for the Astros. Next up, the Astros will be traveling to the North Pole aka Minneapolis, Minnesota to face the Twins for a three game series. Forecasted game time temp for Monday: 36°F.

Series W-L: 3-0