Thursday, April 12, 2018

Series Recap: Astros @ Twins 04/09-04/11

This was a rough one and I was able to only watch the W. So this recap is going to be short.

The first series loss and the Astros are officially out of the lead in the AL West. All series we waited for the offense to show up & when it did, it was too little, too late. Send Bregman back to AAA, trade Keuchel & fire Hinch.

That last sentence should sound like sarcasm but all three of those things were said on Twitter, in all seriousness, by fans of the Houston Astros.

Y'all. It's April. Thirteen games of one hundred and sixty-two have been played and some of ya'll are losing your minds. The Twins are a decent team & you can't win them all. If you recall, the reigning World Champions got swept by the A's last September. It happens.

They'll get their groove, the offense will pop & all will seem right again. Then they'll go on a losing streak & you won't wear your Astros gear for a week in protest because that'll show them.

And all of that is fine. I just recommend not losing your minds in April. Wait til October. It's more fun that way.

Next series: #BTSOOTR. And do it at home.

Series W-L: 3-1