Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Reportedly the competition between J.D. Davis, Tyler White, and A.J. Reed will come down to absentee ballots. But I'm really excited about filling out a bracket today and earning the opportunity to lament it when it gets busted based on my deep knowledge of having watched eighteen minutes of college basketball this season. March Madness is the death rattle of winter and is a fine time-waster until baseball officially starts. If you fill out more than one variation of a bracket you're a monster.

*The Astros beat the Mets 6-1 yesterday as they finally stuck to baseball.

-Gerrit Cole went 4IP, 4H/1ER, 7K:2BB.
-Carlos Correa was 2x3.
-Evan Gattis was 1x2 with a walk and 2RBI
-J.D. Davis was 2x3 and is hitting .394 with an 1.111 OPS for the Spring.
-Alex DeGoti hit a 2-run home run.
-Frankie Tuesday threw 2.1IP, 1H/0ER, 5K:2BB.
-Brad Peacock and Ken Giles each had scoreless innings.

Hinch, on being 13-5-2 (41 points, well clear of the relegation zone) this Spring:
It's a good culture, {winning) obviously creates a positivity and guys are playing well.

*A.J. Hinch is impressed with Gerrit Cole's mental game. Hinch:
Most of the time when a guy has power we don't talk about his cerebral part of his game, but he's impressive on the mound both physically and mentally. He's a very meticulous guy on the mound.

*J.D. Davis is making the most of his Spring Training, writes Jerome Solomon. Hinch:
He's playing as much as anybody on our team. You come into camp and you can draw a team out on there's a little competition in a couple different spots that I think will be interesting until the end. 

*If you were busy yesterday zooming in on team photos at the White House to see which guy(s) were on Your Side, you may have noticed the absence of Carlos Correa. Slow your roll, because Carlos Correa spent Monday arranging for more supplies to go to his native Puerto Rico, which is still a part of the United States and where more than 30% of the island still does not have power and suicide rates are increasing. But, sure, go ahead and get mad that he didn't wear a nice suit to Washington.

*Brady Rodgers threw off a mound yesterday for the first time since Tommy John surgery last May.

*Get that Astros Gold merch at the Team Store at midnight on March 19.

*If you're one of those people that thinks domestic violence is only bad when there's video (see: Rice, Ray; Mixon, Joe), here's the video of former Astros prospect Danry Vasquez repeatedly hitting his girlfriend in a stairwell at Whataburger Field.

*Sam Miller wonders which MLB team would be the best if each player on the team was in his prime. The Astros performed alright.

*Rian Watt looks at the Most- and Least-Confident of Projections.

*Shoutout to 13-year old Virgil Smith of Dickinson, who will receive the Medal of Honor.

*Terrible news out of Channelview yesterday morning. All the best to the students, their families, their friends, and their community.