Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

LOLOLOLOL at the dumbest snow day ever.

*Joe Musgrove is pretty excited about his opportunity in Pittsburgh's rotation:
That's where I think I'm going to really develop as a pitcher. Going to the bullpen last year in Houston, I learned a lot about myself as a pitcher and really learned how to work out of jams and how to keep myself calm in uncomfortable situations. All those things I did in the bullpen are going to make me a lot stronger as a starter.

*Forrest Whitley is good and knows he's good. He is also good at soundbites as he prepares for the 2018 season:
There's extra excitement. I'm going to try to stay in my lane, stay where my feet are and be humble as possible and just play the game.

MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo ranked Whitley the #2 RHP prospect in baseball, behind the Anaheim Babe Ruth Guy. Mayo:
The Astros' first-round pick in 2016 wasn't on the top 10 RHP list in 2017. After pitching across three levels and reaching Double-A as a teenager in his first full year, the 6'7" right-hander has jumped all the way up to No. 2 on the list.

*Brent Strom was at a Long Island baseball academy talking to kids about throwing offspeed pitches. Strom:
We use a lot of technology. We videotape the ball coming out of the hand to try to create backspin, try and create the proper depth to breaking balls.

*Astros analyst Mike Stanton stopped short of using the word "collusion" to describe this off-season's lack of activity.

*Alex Bregman established a new non-profit to help kids with autism and Down's Syndrome.

*Deadspin: The story behind the iconic photos of the Olympics' dirtiest record