Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Morning Hot Links

*Houston native and Dodgers Game 2 pitcher Ross Stripling has been haunted by the World Series.
Ross Stripling was like most Dodgers fans on that dreary first night of November. Moments after his team's Game 7 World Series loss, the Dodgers pitcher couldn't get home fast enough. He had to catch a flight to get there, so he rushed from the stadium, confirmed his reservation, and the next morning was sitting in an economy window seat preparing to leave a nightmare. Only, for him...there would be no escape. Stripling lives in Houston, and shortly before takeoff he realized he would be flying home in a plane full of rowdy Astros fans. 

"I was like, 'Oh, hell.'"

*MLB Pipeline released their Top 100 Prospects list and there are three Astros on it:
9. Forrest Whitley
17. Kyle Tucker
76. J.B. Bukauskas

Houston got 201 prospect points, 11th in MLB. Here's the rest of the AL West:
Oakland: 14th
Anaheim: 16th
Arlington: 19th
Seattle: 27th

The Cubs, Royals, and Mets failed to land a single prospect on the list.

So the Prospect Ranking Matrix looks like this:
Forrest Whitley: #9 (MLB), #10 (BA),
Kyle Tucker #17 (MLB), #15 (BA),
J.B. Bukauskas: #76 (MLB), #76 (BA)
Yordan Alvarez: #62 (BA), (NR by MLB)

BP has yet to release their 2018 list.

*Alex Bregman was named the Headliner of the Year by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association. Bregs, on his off-season:
I've changed my diet, eating habits, flexibility and mobility. I'm not satisfied, especially with my power. Altuve's 5'5" (or) 5'6", and he can hit to center field. I'm working on getting a lot stronger. I want to improve on every phase of the game. I want to be one of the best players in the game.

*ESPN's David Schoenfield torches Scott Boras' claim about rampant tanking in baseball and has suggestions for how to "fix" baseball. His suggestion about reworking the draft order is really interesting.

*Kenley Jansen says MLB players should consider going on strike in opposition to perceived collusion/slights/penny-pinching by owners:
That is something we might have to address, so you don't have a lot of Miami Marlins doing this. Maybe it's an adjustment for us, as the player's union. Maybe we have to go on strike, to be honest with you.

*The Braves changed their mascot from Chief Wahoo to...something...(?).

*This Mets fan got 500K retweets and will get to take her prom pictures at Citi Field.

*Vice: The bizarre homicide case involving a billionaire couple from Toronto took another turn.

*LA Times: Suge Knight's murder trial is weird.

*On the "strength" of this NY Times article about fake social media followers, @AstrosCounty is 85% real, baby.


Anonymous said...

Chief Wahoo is a Cleveland thing, not Atlanta.

Michael Carder said...

The 'anti-tanking' trend is absolute garbage and an unforeseen side effect of social media/blogs distorting reality. Simply put, the world is abound with opinions and platforms. Teams rebuilding aren't just tanking, as Olney and Heyman insist (writers, yes, but bloggers also). They are making smart business decisions and yes, this is a business. Teams have been, according to the 'Current' definition of rebuilding, tanking for years and years and years. Were the Astros tanking in 1990 when they sold of Doran and Davis and the rest of that group moved on? Nobody was crying foul then!!. It was a regime change and sell offs are not just commonplace during regime changes, they're down right required. Have we forgotten that? It costs allot to buy an MLB team, and long term financial obligations can sink a new owner. The Marlins freed themselves of almost $400 million in debt. That's a brilliant business decision no matter who you are and how you look at. Loria left a financial mess in Florida. So did McLane in Houston. To clean up that kind of mess, you likely have to make more of a mess, just as Luhnow did and now Hill/Jeter are doing in Miami. The current tensions will simmer and the season will get under way and all will be right with the world..

Anonymous said...

"Yordan Alvarez: #62 (BA), (NR by MLB)". How does this happen? How does a player get ranked #62 on one list and completely left off the other?