Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*Two more evenings without Astros baseball, well, five more nights since those idiots at Mayjerr Leeg Baysbawl put both ALDS G1 and G2 in the afternoon. At least we have the chance to watch the Twins beat the Yankees tonight and ruin every idiot network executive's sad, sobbing wet dream of a Yankees/Red Sox ALCS.

*Sports Illustrated: The case for the Houston Astros to win the World Series.

*Oh here come Teh Pundits!

-Whereas five of the six baseball writers polled by USA Today picked the Astros to beat the Red Sox (I see you, Ted Berg), not a single solitary one thought the Astros would get past the Indians.
-Same thing for the Washington Post.
-18 of ESPN's 29 responses had the Indians beating the Astros in the ALCS.

*Bovada lists the Astros as +450 to win the World Series, +225 to win the AL Pennant.

*Justin Verlander is, wait for it, ready for the postseason, having tweaked the mechanics in his arm.

*Oh good. Angel Hernandez will be a part of the ALDS umpiring crew.

*How the Astros built their postseason roster.

*Don't get MLB Network? Don't worry, they're going to offer a free preview until October 11.

*Will Dallas Keuchel win another Gold Glove?

*Josh Reddick and the Astros: a match made in baseball heaven.

*Sporting News writer says the Astros are the 2nd-most likable team in the postseason...behind Cleveland.

*John Perrotto gives Altuve the AL MVP nod.

*The Braves are an absolute dumpster fire right now.