Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lima Time Time Special Event

Our immune systems are probably going to regret this, but Patrick and I hosting a 24-hour Bozoathon benefiting legit charities to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Here are the details: From 7pm Central Friday to 7pm Central we will be live-streaming this decision on Mixlr, have an embedded player right here at Astros County dot com, and the plan is to also record each guest's segment and upload it to SoundCloud.

"Wait, guests?" you ask. And we laugh heartily. Yes, there are special guests. "How special?" you ask again as we impatiently wait for you to end your line of questioning. Okay, so here is everyone who has confirmed with us that they will come on at some point during the 24 hours:

Keith Law, Kevin Goldstein, Jonah Keri, Nikki Glaser, Lana Berry, Will Weldon, the Old 97s' Rhett Miller, Jenn Sterger, Michelle Beadle, Pat Monahan, Mark Agee, Levi Weaver, Roy Wood Jr., Andrew Youngblood, Stephen Brandau, Zahid Dewji, Katie McGee, Mayor of Cooperstown Jeff Katz, Brian McTaggart, Eric Nadel, former MLB player John D'Acquisto, Steven Goldman, Grant Brisbee, Alan Michael, rapper Fat Tony, Space City WX's Matt Lanza, Seth Payne, New York Times' Tyler Kepner, Kam Franklin, Nick Mundy, Robert Flores, Evan Drellich, Owen Benjamin, Billy Wayne Davis, SABR BioProj founder Mark Armour, Mike Drucker, Mike Mulloy, Aristotle Georgeson, Andy Lassner, Josh Kantor, Jose de Jesus Ortiz, and probably a lot more once people realize we're not screwing around. I DM'd Colby Rasmus (for real, I did), but haven't heard back.

Of course this list is subject to change, edit, deletions/additions. You know how it goes.

How can you donate?

Click this link and every single dollar will go to legit charities benefitting Harvey victims - not charities in which 23% goes to their administration costs (cough cough Red Cross).

The goal is $10,000 in the 24 hours. We're already at $550 thanks to two donors who are very sweet. If we can JJ Watt this thing and get up to, like, $Eleventy Billion, that'd be great, too. Let's do this thing.