Monday, June 12, 2017

CB-75: J.J. Matijevic

With the Competitive Balance pick (75th overall), the Astros selected 6'0" 200lbs lefty-hitting 2B J.J. Matijevic, a junior out of the University of Arizona. He was drafted in the 22nd Round of the 2014 draft by Boston.

Matijevic got on the radar in the Cape Cod League last summer, hitting .357 with 5HR/25RBI in 31 games for Falmouth. profiled Matijevic and noted his bat speed, as well has his maturity:
JJ Matejevic's bat speed is preposterous. Opposite-field home runs at cavernous Hi Corbett Field are as rare as cool summer days in Tucson. Matijevic's team-leading 10 homers for the Arizona Wildcats included an opposite-field shot.

I've worked for everything I've accomplished in my life, and I will continue to work as hard as I can. I know I still have a long way to go. But I'll always be that good teammate.

An unnamed AL scout said:
One of the best college hitters in the country, and that's a very valuable commodity, especially in this draft. The concerns over what position he is going to play are what's primarily holding him back at this point. 

For Arizona this season, Matijevic played in 59 games (240 ABs), hitting .383/.436/.633 with 30 doubles, ten home runs, 38K:23BB. Matijevic:
In the Cape, it's the top guys in the country and the coaches are unbelievable. The whole competition was my biggest takeaway. wrote:
Scouts always thought he had raw power, and he's finally learning to turn on the ball and pull it, showing the pop needed for his profile. He'll need to hit because as a below-average runner and below-average defender, he is likely limited to first base, with an outside shot of being able to handle left field. 

John Sickels wrote:
Matijevic is the type of polished hitter who will make short work of A-Ball, but whether he becomes a possible regular first baseman or just a good role player may not become apparent until he reaches Double-A or Triple-A.

On playing 2B, Matijevic said:
I'm a lot farther ahead this year at second than I was last year. I'm not there yet, I still have a lot more work, but I've definitely gotten better at it. Just getting that first quick step is really it for me.

Matijevic is a 2nd-Team a DH, and had him ranked as the 70th-best prospect going into the draft.

The slot for the 75th overall pick is $767,400.