Monday, April 24, 2017

Astros Bingo

Hey all, Flick is back. Something happened on Twitter yesterday that peaked my interest and I wanted to try it out for us Astros fans. @timc_la started a Spurs Twitter Bingo sheet so I decided to create something similar. Below is 4 different Bingo Cards for the upcoming series verses the Cleveland Indians. All you have to do is use your twitter account to find the card that has been made for you. (First letter of your Twitter account). If you don't have a Twitter, you can just pick a card to play with. Some spaces are shared by all cards, some are card specific, much like real bingo. So what are you waiting for? Save your card and get ready to play.


The BINGO card is for this SERIES, not individual game or specific week.

Cards in quotations are tweets you see from others. Tweeting it yourself DOES NOT COUNT. If you're unsure of sarcastic tweet, let me know @flicknickmstros for a deciding vote or if you feel comfortable, ask the person yourself.

What do you win? You win nothing. Go have fun.

This is a work in progress and the system will continue to improve as the year goes on. Thank you for your cooperation.