Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Dallas Keuchel is ready to get to Houston.

*If it wasn't already clear, here is your rotation going into Monday night:

*Sean Pendergast asks about the rotation.

*The Astros are "not budging" on their offer for Jose Quintana.

*Baseball America has a nice write-up of Frankie Tuesday.

*Soon after playing in his first Spring Training game of the season, Preston Tucker was optioned to minor-league camp. Hinch, on Tucker:
We're just a very, very difficult team to crack as a position player with the veterans that we added and the core that's stayed healthy. He needs to work his way back into consideration as a left-handed bat.

*Jeff Bagwell toured the Baseball Hall of Fame.

*Jacob Dorris - whom the Astros signed as an undrafted free agent in 2015 - will pitch in Corpus this season.

*Robot Umps now! Home plate umpire John Libka rung up Kyle Tucker yesterday on Strike Two.

*Speaking of Kyle Tucker, he worked on ramping up his power this offseason.

*Washington Post: The Ramgers could go from first to worst in 2017

*Jayson Stark: Why (Your Team) Won't Win the World Series

*Were you worried that the Yankees wouldn't have a player that ESPN couldn't fawn over? Worry no more...