Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Morning Hot Links

*On Thursday Dallas Keuchel will throw off a mound for the first time since getting shut down in late August, pinning his shoulder issues on his 2015 season and off-season:
Last year was a transition from the most innings of my life (in 2015) to a little bit shorter offseason to maybe a little bit higher expectations for myself, so I didn't really let my body rest too much. That was key for me this year. 

*Frank Thomas seemed to take a shot at Jeff Bagwell (more directly at Pudge, though) and his/their apparently common knowledge use of PEDs. In reference to Bonds and Clemens, the Big Jerk Hurt had this to say:
They should be in now, as far as I'm concerned. They've let a few people in already we all know. It's uncomfortable at this point. I'm sure this year's going to be uncomfortable because we've got two great players going in, but they know. It's no secret. If they didn't do it, they would be stomping and kicking and in interviews saying, 'I didn't do it.'...

Some of these guys were great players, but they wouldn't have been great players without drugs...Don't come calling to the Hall of Fame and say, 'I'm supposed to be in the Hall of Fame,' when you know you cheated.

*Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto has been in his position for 16 months. Of the 40-Man roster he inherited, nine are still with the team. The Mariners are in win-now mode.

*MLBer Sean Rodriguez and his family were involved in a car crash, getting t-boned by a stolen police car. His children are in "serious but stable" condition while the driver of the police car was killed.