Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

I see you, Astros. Chris Devenski retired all 11 batters he faced in a long relief role between Joe Musgrove - who carried a no-hitter into the 6th - and Ken Giles, shutting the A's down long enough for the Astros to get a 2-1 win.

This is exactly why Devenski's valuable in the role that he's in. I never know when a game like this is going to come up, and for him to take 3 2/3 of a really good performance in a game that we needed it the most, is very, very valuable for us. I understand the appeal of him starting, but in a couple of days he's going to be back in there again in some clutch games over the course of the season. 

I like relieving. I get a good little rush going out there and I've been going out there and giving it my best. 

*The Orioles and Mariners lost. The Tigers and Blue Jays won. Here's where we are:

WC1: Toronto +1 (83-68)
WC2: Baltimore - (82-69)
Detroit -1.5 (80-70)
Houston: -2 (80-71)

There are 11 games left. If the Astros go 9-2, Detroit could go no better than 8-4 and Baltimore would need to go no better than 6-5. Unless there's a tie-breaker. FanGraphs gives it 19.4%. FiveThirtyEight puts it at 25%.

*Tony Kemp, to George Springer before the game:
I was talking to George and before the game today everyone just seemed really loose and ready to go out there and play. No one's really panicking. Everyone's having fun at this last stretch and we're just trying to finish as strong as we can.

*Jose Altuve recorded his third-straight 200-hit season, an accomplishment that hasn't happened since Ichiro did it from (gulp) 2001-2010, or for a right-handed hitter since Michael Young did it from 2003-2007. The only other second basemen to get 200 hits in three straight seasons are Rogers Hornsby and Charlie Gehringer - both Hall of Famers.

*Colby Rasmus isn't playing as much, and it's tough on him. Hinch:
There's no doubt he's had a tough season on a lot of levels. He's had to battle a number of things. He's also grinding to the point of being really hard on himself and not performing at a level that he's used to.

It makes it tough, but that's the game. I ain't mad at nobody. I ain't mad about it. Just not playing as good as I would like to play.

*Evan Gattis doesn't even have any triples this year, bro. Why is he sacrificing his Triples Game to hit more homers?
Swinging at better pitches. Not chasing as much. Knowing the difference in balls I can drive, and strikes. 

*Colin Moran might play winter ball. Luhnow, who indicated that it might be a good idea to get some time at 1B:
Anybody who's in sort of that between Triple-A and the big leagues (tier) as a position player, I think those guys can all benefit from (winter ball) because it's good competition. You have to play well to stay. It's a good environment.

*Tyler White has trimmed down over the season.

*Crowds are really bad at Camden Yards, despite the Orioles being in the WC2.

*Check out Pakistan's baseball team.