Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

Well that'll do it. A game that the Astros had to win against the Mariners saw Doug Fister last just 1.1IP, giving up five earned runs in the process as the Mariners beat the Astros 12-4. This seven game home stand went about as poorly as you could draw it up: 2-5, getting outscored 43-29. The Astros allowed 10+ runs in three of the seven games.

*Hinch, on Fister:
Getting into the game was very difficult for him. His command wasn't great. He didn't execute the way he does when he's good.

It's pretty frustrating. I let the team down. These past couple of starts haven't gone what I would call my way at all, but it's not for a lack of effort, lack of work.

Fister was the de facto ace of the rotation for much of the season - a stalwart when Keuchel was struggling before getting shut down. After Fister threw 7IP, 3H/0ER at Pittsburgh on August 22 - his 25th start of the year - his ERA was down to 3.59. In the six starts since: 9.35 ERA.

*So the Astros are 3.5 out with three to play. Since Houston doesn't play today, Baltimore - who has four games left - will eliminate the Astros with their next win. Hinch:
I'm not ready for that. This is not a position that we're happy to be in, but it's a position that we are in.

It's a sad day over at FanGraphs: 0.0%.

*Impending free agent Jason Castro reflected on what could be his last home game at Minute Maid Park. Castro:
It's been a great 6 1/2 years here. It's the only organization I've been with. We'll see what happens, but I've been really thankful for the opportunities the Astros have given me and I enjoyed my time here. I was kind of glad to see that rebuilding through to what we were able to accomplish last year, and what we still could possibly do this year.

It's worth noting that maybe the only attractive free agent catching option - Washington's Wilson Ramos - tore his ACL this week. We might just see Castro back in 2017.

*The Astros are pushing Bregman to play these last few games, though after the loss yesterday and the all-but-certain mathematical elimination, that may change.

*FanGraphs: Carlos Correa, Playing Through Injury, and True Talent

*The Astros called a team meeting to honor the now-retired Bill Brown, who got a video shout-out from Vin Scully.

*The Astros did have their highest home attendance since 2010: 2,306,623 an average of over 28,000 per game.

*Vice Sports bids farewell to Tal's Hill: "one of the most unnecessarily kind of awesome baseball quirks."

I have mixed feelings about Tal's Hill. I didn't hate it as much as many of you did. It robbed as many opposing homers as it did for the Astros. No one ever got hurt running up Tal's Hill. My joy in Tal's Hill came in how many other teams' fans hated it.

*Is the Astros' success against Felix a sign of his issues to come?