Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Morning Hot Links

For the time being, Astros County is a link dump site. It's just a really busy time of year and The Hobby is getting pushed back to something I can really only do from 5:30-6:30am. We're working on freeing up some time, or adding more writers that might be able to do a little analysis here or there, but I do hope you find the links helpful and/or interesting. If you have suggestions for improvements, please do be a dear and leave them in the comments or email them along.

Oh and the Astros lost to the Cubs because of Jon Lester and one swing of K**s Br*ant's bat. Joe Musgrove walked Dexter Fowler and then gave up Bryant's 37th home run of the season to provide the difference in the 2-0 final. Musgrove did snap the Astros' string of terrible starts by going 6IP, 3H/2ER, 5K:3BB. The Astros didn't get multiple hits in an inning until the 7th.

The Astros have lost three straight games and are now 3-5 in the 13-game Stretch of Death.

*Who won yesterday: Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers, Mariners
Who lost yesterday: Blue Jays, Orioles, Royals

*So the Wild Card picture looks like this:
WC1: Toronto +1
WC2: Baltimore/Detroit: 0
Yankees: -1
Astros: -2.5

The Astros playoff odds are down to 11.9%.

*Since August 24 Altuve is 9x61, and his average has dropped to .339.

*Carlos Correa was out for a third straight game, as if the Baseball Gods would not allow Correa and Bryant to play in the same game. Like some 11.22.63 bullcrap. But the Astros do expect him back this weekend.

*Dallas Keuchel isn't expected to begin throwing until next week. There isn't any structural damage in his shoulder, but the inflammation is sticking around.

*Lance McCullers has increased his throwing to 120-130 feet, but has not returned to a mound yet.

*Also on the passenger list on the SS Shoulder Hell is Preston Tucker, who has yet to resume baseball activities since going on the DL on August 12.

*FanGraphs: The Dividends of Alex Bregman's Non-Adjustment. Bregman:
We don't want to get the ball on the ground. Up here, that's an out. So we're trying to hit the ball on the line and in the air. 

*Jake Kaplan: What if the Astros had drafted Kris Bryant? Luhnow:
You can play that game until you drive yourself crazy...Kris Bryant's a great player. We certainly knew he was going to be selected...either 1 or 2, and I think he's had a very good career and the Cubs have benefited a lot from having him. So, I'm not going to reflect on it more than that.

*Vampirically-named Viosergy Rosa hit a two-out walk-off grand slam to give Midland a 2-1 series lead in the Texas League playoffs over Corpus.

*Lancaster is headed to the California League Division Finals thanks to Jason Martin's 2HR/7RBI night. Lancaster beat Rancho Cucamonga 21-6, meaning the JetHawks put up 38 runs in two elimination games.