Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

First, a happy note: It's Ole Day! In honor of today being Jose Lima's birthday, let's all go to your neighborhood Casa Ole - yeah, there is probably still a neighborhood Casa Ole (11 locations in Houston) to honor Jose Lima. Take a picture and tag it #OleDay or send it to us. It'll be a fun way to ring out what has been a heartbreaking season.

The last three games of the season officially do not matter. With the Orioles win last night over Toronto the Astros have been eliminated from the 2016 postseason.

*Altuve is a lock to win his second batting title in three years. Let's just do the math and see what happens:
If Altuve goes 0x12 this weekend, he'll be 212x641 for a .331 average. Mookie Betts would need to go 11x12 to beat him by percentage points. Altuve, following Wednesday's loss to Seattle:
I don't know if I'm going to win it. We still have three games left, and I've got to hit. It's tough to think about a batting title when we're three games, 3 1/2 games behind. 

*Aspiring barista Joe Musgrove has exceeded Hinch's expectations.

*Baseball America's Jim Callis has a great writeup on the Astros prospects in Instructs in Kissimmee.  News and takes on Kyle Tucker and a glut of outfielders, as well as Forrest Whitley and a Dominican pitcher who can throw 103.

*The Astros ended the regular season ranked 14th in Jeff Passan's power rankings, which seems right: A very-slightly-above-average baseball team.

*Jeez seriously I hate the Cardinals. What happened in St. Louis last night was idiotic, and it could cost the Giants a spot in the playoffs.

*Some things coming down the pike on Astros County:

-The Astros County Guide to the Playoffs
-Full season postmortem
-40 Man Roster power rankings
-The four dumbest losses that kept the Astros out of the playoffs
-More History Lesson posts
-Season recaps for active players (at least ten of them before I get bored and just stop doing them altogether)
-Minor league season recaps
-Anything else you suggest


Anonymous said...

Your hatred of the Cards is blinding you (and making you deaf). The ground rules at Busch were read on the broadcast: "A batted ball striking the top of the wall above the padding and rebounding onto the playing field is in play." This is exactly what happened.

Chas R said...

Dear Anonymous,
The ball hit the sign above the wall making it a deadball. The Cardinals are nauseating cheaters.


Chas R said...

Thanks for all your great coverage this season ! As always, enjoyed your site and look forward to your post season and off season coverage!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chas R,

Trav in San Antonio said...

Thank you for the great work you do. I always look forward to reading your work.

JoeinAlaska said...

It's been a long, heart-breaking season. But that's what baseball is all about. This web site has made it a joy to follow my favorite team. Thanks for all the time, energy and hard work you invest in it.

Mark Adams said...

Go look at those ground rules again and click on the 2. There are 3 photos clarifying that the rule is specifying the top of the concrete wall immediately behind the padded wall, not the advertisements beyond the field of play.

Additionally, the Fox Sports Midwest announcers, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak, and the umpire crew chief all stated that a ball hit off the recessed wall is a ground rule double. If it wasn't a ground rule double, then why is all of the discussion about the timeliness of Bryan Price's challenge?

Steven T said...

I really hope the Astros re-sign Castro. Not sure who would replace him since the farm system isn't exactly stocked with catchers. Plus there's the added bonus of the daily anonymous Castro insults!

In all seriousness, could/should Gattis catch full-time?

And as others have stated - thank you AC writers. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!