Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Morning Hot Links

Note: A weird bout of insomnia has this up super-early. It's possible I'll update these as new relevant stories get posted later today.

*James Hoyt gave up a go-ahead three-run homer in the 6th, and the Astros lost 4-2. They're trash again and we're dumb for believing in them. Sad!

Hoyt, on the pitch to Russell Martin:
I felt like that was the right pitch to throw, and I was confident in the pitch. It was maybe a little up, but the slider is what I wanted to go to there and he gets me. I'd like to think next time I get him there, or it goes my way.

Hinch, on Hoyt:
He made one bad pitch today and it cost us three runs.

*McHugh, to Hoyt:
You could throw that pitch to Martin another 10 times and he might hit it like that once. You can't really beat yourself up about it. You can't go away from the game plan. You make your pitch and you've got to live with the results. 

*The Tigers beat the Rangers, the Mariners beat the A's. The Astros remain 7.5 GB of Oak Cliff (1.0 GB of Seattle). The Astros are 4.5 GB of Baltimore for WC1 and 3.0 GB of Boston for WC2, with Detroit and Seattle between them.

*A.J. Reed ran into a Toronto cop.

*Teoscar Hernandez talked about how he turned his swing around this past off-season.

*Fresno lost to Iowa 9-5, but Jon Kemmer hit a 2-run homer and a 2-run triple. He's hitting .360 in his last 25 games.

*Fresno and the Astros have extended their PDC through the 2018 season.

*After two months of arm soreness and a team-implemented suspension, David Paulino is set to rejoin Corpus Christi.

*The official scorer changed a 3rd-inning error into a double to extend Francisco Mejia's hitting streak to 50 games.

*Louisiana is in trouble, y'all.

Before you go: This person got a Chris Devenski tattoo: