Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jose Altuve and 1000 hits

So Jose Altuve got his 1000th hit in his 786th game by going 3x5. Let's see how this stacks up to the all-time greats...

The following chart is organized by the number of plate appearances at the time of each player's 1000th hit.

Note: this is not a list of the "15 quickest" players to get to 1000 hits. I pulled from contemporaries (Jeter, Cano, Pedroia) as well as some of the game's greatest hitters. Want to see how someone else stacks up? I suggest you go to Baseball-Reference dot com.

Stan Musial4.24.48765335327.5.3
Hank Aaron6.6.59782340025.4.1
R. Cano7.26.10831345827.9.4
Jose Altuve8.16.16786346426.3.10
Rod Carew8.14.73837347327.10.13
C. Yastrzemski9.15.66893350027.0.24
Derek Jeter9.25.00780354226.2.30
George Brett7.23.79827355626.2.8
Pete Rose6.26.68831369327.2.12
Dustin Pedroia9.3.12833372529.0.17
Lou Brock9.8.67832379328.2.21
Paul Molitor7.2.85835379628.10.10
Cal Ripken6.16.87894385326.9.23
Robin Yount8.16.80947395824.11.0
Craig Biggio7.1.95923408529.6.17

At 26 years, 102 days old, Altuve is the 9th-youngest player in MLB history to reach 1000 hits, behind Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Alex Rodriguez, Robin Yount, Hank Aaron, Tris Speaker, George Brett, and Derek Jeter.

He's the fastest Astro to ever reach 1000 hits, 114 games quicker than Cesar Cedeno.

Referencing the list above, he reached 1000 hits in fewer plate appearances than all but Musial, Aaron, and Cano. Ichiro is the only current active player to reach 1000 hits quicker than Altuve.