Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Masked Marvel has the recap of last night's way-too-close win over the Angels. The Mariners lost, the Rangers won yet another one-run game, the A's didn't play. So your division looks like this:

*Grapevine Mills: -
*Seattle: -9.5
*Houston: -11.0
*Anaheim: -14.5
*Oakland: -17

*1st WC: -5
*2nd WC: -4

*FanGraphs gives the Astros an 11.9% chance of winning the division and a 22.4% chance of winning a Wild Card spot.

*Last night's win was the kind of offensive surge the Astros thought they'd have all year. Rasmus:
Early on, we were kind of snake bit. We hit a lot of balls hard at guys and ran into some good pitching when we need those hits, it would be a line drive right at somebody or somebody would make a great play. Tonight we were able to push those through.

*Carlos Correa's homer was his 31st, tying him for 2nd with Dickie Thon, four behind Adam Everett for the franchise record for homers by an Astros SS. (And, if you're like me you thought, "Wait what about Tejada?" He only hit 27 homers in two seasons with Houston.)

*If the Astros win Fister's next start, it will tie the franchise record for most consecutive wins by a starter: 11, set last year by Collin McHugh.

*Luhnow is "optimistic" about signing 1-17 pick Forrest Whitley, but they're in no rush:
We're excited about the selection and we're optimistic about getting it done. We want to get it done as soon as possible. We don't want to go up against the deadline. There's no reason to, anyway...He's got a nice option to go to Fresno State and pitch in Division 1 baseball for three years, but also three years from now he could be in the big leagues. That's what we're trying to convince him.

*Lima Time Time Episode 14 records tonight. Throw your questions/talking points here.


calhoun said...

*scene* st louis stands trial for the crime of being cheatin' ass cardinals, they demand trial by comBAT (thats a game of thrones reference, get your shit together and start watching, j.) if the astros win, they determine the punishment, if the astros lose, they are forced to high five each person in the stl organization.

1) what is your lineup card? (order and positions)
2) what is the punishment that you hand down?

*what realistically should the punishment be, iyo?

SDsportsjunkie said...

Did Luhnow really say "Fresno State"? How do you confuse Florida State and Fresno State? Seminole fans will be on the warpath.

Kevin said...

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow suggests he’s preparing for the trade deadline without a clear wish list, as Brian McTaggart of MLB.com tweets. “I like our team right now,” said Luhnow. “There’s no obvious hole. Clearly we’re going to talk to other clubs and be look out for upgrade.”

Is Luhnow joking?

There are holes everywhere --- 1st base is bad. 3rd base is grossly underperforming. Rasmus is hitting 234 (with a little power), Marisnick is 182, Carlos Gomez at 222. And Castro is purely awful with no hope in sight. As a team, they've left entirely too many men on base. And they still strikeout far too often in important situations.

The bullpen is hit an miss with blown a ton of saves. Closer has a 4 ERA, Tony Sipp is a gopher ball waiting to happen, and Ken Giles is tipping his pitches. I hate to say it, but Dallas Keuchel and Colin McHugh aren't the same pitchers; it appears the league has figured them out.

There are a TON of areas for improvement on this team! I understand that the upside is great and the future is bright... with more players on the way. However, we're 71 games into this season, and they've been a big disappointment. The sample size is large enough that it's clear significant changes need to be made soon. The way this team is built, they are susceptible to streaks --- win several in a row and lose several in a row.

Sorry Luhnow, but there numerous places to improve the team. I just hope it's not too late to actually make a playoff run.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I understand your frustrations to this point, however I have to disagree. 1st base has been a disappointment as has starting pitching, but 3rd and catcher have picked it up (which has coincided with the recent uptick in wins notwithstanding games against the Rangers), and the bullpen has been good as well.

I believe since May we have the 3rd best record in the AL. I would prefer to not trade the farm for another Gomez this year.

Kevin said...


I agree to some extent. 3rd base is improving somewhat, Valbuena's last 30 games are 303 with 7 HR's.

But catcher is awful --- Castro is 227 in his last 30, with a "very impressive and promising" 176 in his last 15 games; 51 at bats during that period and 22 whiffs.

And Gattis has been struggling at the plate this year with the exception of a few weeks when he came back from Double - A.

As for the bullpen... yes, the overall numbers are improving, but too many blown leads; hence leading MLB in extra-inning games. This is an area where an extra arm or two might help quite a bit.

Overall, this team is not firing on all cylinders. I agree, no more Gomez's, but several areas need to be addressed. This team has numerous players that are not living up to expectations. And after this amount of time, most of them should have played their ways off the field.

Luhnow is sticking with certain players for entirely too long. This team "as is" isn't good enough for the playoffs. And if they don't address poor performance soon, then it'll be too late to salvage the season.

Anonymous said...

Alex Bregman took a 90+ fastball to the helmet/head last night. he wanted to stay in put they pulled him. Anyone read any news on it?