Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

*We already did a quick link post for last night's selections of Forrest Whitley and Ronnie Dawson, while the County Mountie wrote a little more in-depth on Whitley. Here's the Scouting Report on Whitley.

*In case you want to hate everything, here's a picture of Whitley in a Rangers hat.

*The Astros lost - again - at Arlington. The Angels and Mariners both lost so here's the updated division:
Southeast Wichita Falls: -
Seattle: -4
Houston: -9
Anaheim: -11
Oakland: -11.5

*FanGraphs still has the Astros with a 17.3% chance of winning the division and a 32.7% chance of making the playoffs.

*Carlos Correa sprained his ankle, X-rays were negative, and he'll get a few days off to let it heal up.

*McHugh only made it through 3.2IP:
My stuff felt really good the first two innings. I felt like we were pretty sharp. Then I kind of sprayed a couple pitches, a couple borderline calls on that first hitter and then he's on, and they were kind of off to the races.

The Rangers basically took advantage of every mistake and opportunity the Astros gave them. The Astros didn't have that ability this series. Or at all against Lower Ardmore.

*Chris Devenski threw 3.1IP of no-hit relief.

*Brian T. Smith says it's hard to believe in the Astros when they can't beat the Ramgers.

*Jon Heyman wrote that, while people expected an occasional slump out of Carlos Gomez, no one expected him to play so poorly. He also writes that the Gomez trade might just be the best in Brewers franchise history.

*FanGraphs: The Astros built a phenomenal bullpen.

*Hardball Times: An ode to BABIP