Monday, May 2, 2016

Which Grizzlies can help the Astros?

The Fresno Bee has a really good article on how the Grizzlies are watching the Astros. Plotting. Planning. For what?

Fresno manager Tony DeFrancesco:
They're going to take whomever they need at the time when they feel they need it. Right now, whoever's the hot man is probably going to get the opportunity...They're looking for guys that can give them a chance to win. This is a big year for us up there. They're not going to have a lot of patience when they lose.

The Fresno Bee points out that James Hoyt is killing it: 12.1IP, 20K, six saves. And Grizzlies pitching coach Dyar Miller said, "With Hoyt, it's not a matter of if, but when" he gets promoted.

Some other names get bandied about, so it's a good read.