Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning. The Astros won in 11 innings last night over the White Sox, and Jexas has your recap.

*Jeff Blogwell wrote up Part 1 (of what is apparently 15 parts) retrospecting Jeff Luhnow's trade history.

*Ken Giles was solid last night, getting out of a bases-loaded jam in the 7th. Hinch:
I can't put him in any [more of a ] high-leverage situation than bases loaded against their two- and three-hole hitters. I've never lost faith in him.

*But Gregerson? He was not solid, blowing his third game in his last four appearances after saving his first seven consecutive opportunities.

*The Chicago Tribune wanted to focus on Correa's alleged interference.

*Gattis' move to catcher gives Hinch options in the lineup, but limitations for in-game switches.

*If you're like me, you saw "Gomez to DL" and thought "Yeah right. That's awfully convenient." But it's legit, says the Astros. Hinch:
We talked to our doctors, we had him evaluated and then it's in the best interest of everybody to get him healthy and not play short. He wasn't going to play in this series based on the injury so we felt no need to keep him here as a bench player that wasn't available. 

No word on whether Dr. Fan Graphs gave the medical opinion to give Gomez a two-week break.

*One of the first times Tony Kemp saw Colin Moran show emotion was when he got called up. Kemp:
Colin's one of those guys who doesn't show many emotions, but I think this one got to him. He was just like, 'I'm trying to figure out flight info and I'm calling my dad.' It was really cool to see that kind of emotion come out of him.

*Maybe you're like me, and you're sick. And maybe you're like me and you fell asleep at 7:45 last night, and were - briefly - worried that you would miss Kemp and Moran. Don't worry, they will make their first career starts tonight against Chris Sale Mat Latos. Hinch, on Moran and Kemp:
They're both different; they're both going to play different roles here. We're looking to jump-start an offense for a little bit more consistency.

Yes, jump-starting an offense that went 1-3 while scoring 22 runs against the Red Sox *is* important.

*The Wall Street Journal got in on Altuve's greatness.

*Carlos Correa makes Houston home, even in the offseason.

*John Sickels wrote up a profile on Tony Kemp's prospect history.

*Vince Velasquez has put up Noah Syndergaard-like numbers (*jumps off cliff*). Velasquez's season line to date (eight starts): 48.1IP, 33H/13ER, 59K:15BB, .191 BAA, 2.42 ERA/0.99 WHIP.

*Hey the Twins signed Bob Grossman to a minor-league deal.

*The Barves made firing Fredi Gonzalez as awkward of a situation as they possibly could.

*Are high school pitchers too risky to draft?

*UPDATE: Must-read: Bartolo Colon's Secret Double Life

*RIP, Guy Clark.