Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*The Masked Marvel has your Opening Day recap.

*Published my favorite series of posts last night: Where Did These Guys Come From? Here's how the Astros acquired the players on the Fresno Grizzlies, Corpus Christi Hooks, Lancaster JetHawks, and Quad Cities River Bandits.

*What the Heck, Bobby has some of the notable omissions from each of these rosters as well as some DL info. Quad Cities is pretty freakin' excited about their 2016 roster. Fresno is ready to repeat as Triple-A Champions.

*Dallas Keuchel had it going on yesterday, even without producing any sweat.

*Home plate umpire Dana DeMuth said Dellin Betances should have just hit Correa with the ball.

*Worth noting that Keuchel walked four batters yesterday, something he only did once in 33 starts in 2015 and twice in 29 starts in 2014.

*Sad Yankees fans can't pronounce Keuchel's last name, can't fathom why they lost. (Alt link)

*Tyler White got a hit in his first MLB plate appearance, and then got hit on the hand by Dellin Betances (X-rays negative, day-to-day). Western Carolina coach Bobby Moranda: "I had my Oakleys on, but I was crying like a baby."

*Carlos Correa became the youngest Astro to hit a home run on Opening Day. Joe Girardi, on Correa: "There's nothing he can't do." A-Rod: "We're getting to see him too often these days. But he's a very special talent on both sides of the ball."

*John Oliver's contest brings dudes dressed as Ninja Turtles to the Yankees/Astros game.

*Texas Monthly: The Astros are bigger than Carlos Correa.

*Marwin holds the record for most home runs without a multi-run a long way.

*Ken Giles was a little surprised by the Gregerson As Closer announcement.

*Hacksaw Jeff Banister and Whoever The Mariners Manager Is yelled at each other last night.

*Ron Darling details the drug and alcohol use of the 1986 Mets in his new book.

*I didn't watch the Villanova/UNC game because baseball, but here's a good read on Kris Jenkins and that last shot.