Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hey look the Cubs have their own party room called Club Cub

Oh the Cubs think they're sooooooo clever. They have a "dedicated party room" in the clubhouse called "Club Astros Cub" in which they celebrate wins. Now that sounds fun! Let's see what "Club Astros Cub" has inside to help them celebrate:

Anthony Rizzo covered the bill for equipment to turn the Cubs' cramped clubhouse into a nightclub, purchasing a smoke machine, strobe lights, and anything else deemed necessary.

Wow that sounds fun. Club Astros Cub is definitely unique.

CBS Chicago has never ever heard of such a thing before:
No team in baseball does it like the Astros Cubs, celebrating every victory, home and away.

FOH Cubs.


Anonymous said...

I think they should pay Springer a consulting fee.

Joe Maddon said...

The quote about Anthony Rizzo purchasing the equipment is referring to last year not the current year. Cubs old clubhouse was cramped, not the new one.

Anonymous said...

Hey coach, where can I get some stellar Maddon glasses like yours?