Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

Pretty slow weekend in AstroWorld. Here are some things that happened while you got ready for the Pro Bowl...

*The Masked Marvel posted the Depth Charts: Corner Infield edition.

*Jeff Luhnow said over the weekend that the Astros are "built to go the distance."

*Astros-related notes from the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo:
-The Astros may be interested in Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, which would allow the Astros to play Castro some at 1B. Reminder that Brewers' GM David Stearns was Luhnow's assistant.
-Some teams were worried about Doug Fister's medicals, and thought the Astros could have gotten him on a minor-league deal.

*The Astros are one of seven teams who kept their closer (Luke Gregerson), and added another team's closer (Ken Giles).

*Scott Kazmir compared the non-World Series champion 2015 Astros to the non-World Series champion 2008 Rays.

*On the Royals, and spending:
The question: how can the Royals, owners of baseball's third-smallest market and worst local television contract, afford a payroll close to $130 million including two new $70 million contracts? The Answer: "We can't."

*Ken Rosenthal: The disconnect between fans and front offices

*Headline: Being a Mariners fan is difficult - but exciting.

*Are the Dodgers pricing themselves out of Los Angeles families' budgets?

*I guess Andruw Jones had not yet actually retired.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Dog Fister- 1 yr at $7 million is a good deal, in my opinion, for a pitcher that was pretty darn good in 2014. Who knows what a new team will do for his morale- Washington seemed to have quite the personnel and ego issues last year. Perhaps Astros could have signed him on a minor league deal, or perhaps that's what he was being offered by other teams with which he didn't sign. Either way, I'm on the D-Train!!!