Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

*Be sure to read Jexas' write-up of the Town Hall with Hey-J Inch.

*Read the 3rd in our Cups of Coffee series on Larry Yount.

*The Astros outfield is solid, writes Brian McTaggart. You can never have too much pitching. Or outfielders. Or infielders. Or catchers.
The fact that four out of the five guys are basically center fielders or can play all three positions gives us a lot of flexibility to mix and match. I think it's about the best combination of outfielders in the league.

*Here's something we all want to believe know: The Astros' future is bright.

*Former Phillies great Roy Oswalt will be inducted into the Round Rock Express Hall of Fame.

*Commissioner Rob Manfred slammed writers who judge Hall of Fame-eligible players for PED use based on their appearance.

*Today in Obviousness: MLB has greater parity than the NFL