Friday, February 26, 2016

Astros sign Neal Cotts

The Astros got another lefty reliever option by signing Neal Cotts to a minor-league deal today. Cotts has pitched in 483 games in his 10-year career that dates back to 2003. He did not pitch in the majors from 2010-2012.

In 2015 he split time between Milwaukee and Minnesota, throwing 63.1IP, allowing 58H/24ER, 58K:22BB with a 3.41 ERA/1.26 WHIP, outperforming his 5.00 FIP and 4.31 xFIP. He posted a -0.4 fWAR in 2015.

Perhaps you remember Cotts best from 2005, when he pitched in all four games of the World Series, facing six Astros and allowing just a hit. He got the win in Game 2.

Cotts enjoyed scoreless outings in 53 of his 68 appearances in 2015 and 3ER in four of his outings. Three of *those* outings came from the beginning of the season to mid-May. To use an arbitrary endpoint, from June 1 to the end of the season Cotts had a 2.59 ERA and a .711 OPS-against on a .265 BABIP.

Cotts throws a 90mph fastball 55% of the time and an 86mph slider 34% of the time. My wife would also like to note that he has gorgeous eyes.