Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*We'll talk more about it once it becomes official, but it's apparently only a matter of time for Doug Brocail to become the next Ramgers pitching coach. This upsets me. Brocail will replace Mike Maddux, who is now Dusty Baker's pitching coach in Washington.

*Bo Porter, who deserves another chance managing a team, is happy for the Astros.

*The Fresno Grizzlies were named MiLB's "best team." 1B/DH contender Tyler White was named "Best Offensive Player."

*Lance Berkman felt "digital persecution."

*A Senate report notes that the Astros took $25,000 in 2013 to honor troops. Reid Ryan said the Senate was lying.

*We should be getting an update on the cheatinass Cardinals soon.

*From last week, the overall financial health of the Fresno Grizzlies is...not good.

*Here is David Roth being all excellent: Three Days At The End Of The World (Series).