Thursday, October 1, 2015

Playoff Scenarios

So it's a little confusing out there with all these teams being so close. Here's where we are right now...

AL West:
Arlington: 86-72, -
Houston: 84-75, 2.5 GB
Anaheim: 83-75, 3.0 GB

AL Wild Card:
Yankees: 86-72, -
Houston: 84-75, - (2.5 GB)
Anaheim: 83-75, 0.5 GB
Minnesota: 82-76, 1.5 GB

Here's what needs to happen...

To win the division:
1) Astros sweep the Diamondbacks
2) An Angels sweep of Arlington would result in a tie-breaker game with the Angels for the division

To host Wild Card game:
1) Astros win two of three
2) Yankees lose out
3) Angels and Rangers split

To make 2nd Wild Card
If Astros get swept...
*We drink bleach
*Arlington would need to sweep the Angels, and Minnesota would need to lose three of four

If Astros lose two of three...
*Arlington would need to win at least three of four, Minnesota would need to split their remaining games

If Astros win two of three...
*Arlington and Anaheim would need to at least split, and Minnesota would need to lose just one of their remaining four games


If the Astros and Twins tie, Minnesota would host G163.

If the Astros and Angels tie, Houston would host G163.

If the Astros, Angels, and Twins tie, Houston and Minnesota would play in Minnesota and the winner would play the Angels the next day.

All of this is subject to me being wrong.