Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Immediate thoughts on the 2015 season

I want to make one promise to you: I did not have this post in the can ready to go at the last out. This is all stream-of-consciousness as I watch the Astros watch the Royals dryhump each other in front of 40,000 people. So let's get some thoughts down, while the emotions are raw. This isn't the Exit Music (For A Player) series - that a few days, when I've calmed down a little - but let's try to process together.

*I did not see this season coming. Like you, I thought it would be a few years down the road.

*I also think the Astros missed a gigantic opportunity in 2015.

*The Astros were 33-48 on the road, and 21-29 in one-run games. I fully expect both to improve - significantly - in 2016.

*The experience gained by a lot of young players this season and postseason *should* prepare them for 2016.

*Yes, the Astros' future is bright and there is the promise of better years ahead.

*But we also thought that about the 2012 Nationals.

*The Astros lost this series on Monday, not tonight.

*Imagine what a full season of Carlos Correa will look like - in his Age 21 season. And we've still only seen George Springer play in 186 Major League games.

*Things were awesome this season, until they weren't. Still, there were more highs than lows in 2015, and for that I am a grateful fan.

*Look at the AL West next year and it's a daunting division. The Rangers will be a force with the top of the rotation set with Darvish and Hamels, the A's will probably do some miracle crap, and the Mariners will have someone competent running their front office. The Angels will have Mike Trout, a 90-year old Albert Pujols, and 23 skinny-ass white dudes that will do just enough to be annoying and nerve-wracking.

*That said, I am looking forward to seeing how the Law Offices of Luhnow, Goldstein, and Mejdal can learn from this season to put out an even better product next year.

*This season was a treat, and it's because of you, the readers (and other writers at AC). Let's take a few days to regroup and get back at it, shall we?

*Also, join me in hoping that the Royals never win another game: