Saturday, August 8, 2015

Have the Astros traded for Oliver Perez? Yes, they have (with an update)

According to, the Astros may have traded for Oliver Pérez from the Diamondbacks.  MLBTR - at the time of writing - does not have a post up about it, but it is late Friday night or early Saturday morning in the US.

Pérez has a fascinating history that is probably a post in its own right.  He signed a 2 year contract before the 2014 season started, totalling 4.25M.  So he is likely to earn around 600k from now until the end of the year.

Anyhow, he seems to be having one of his better seasons.  He has pitched in relief, totalling 29 innings, allowing 25 hits and 11 walks for a WHIP of 1.241.  He has allowed 12 runs, 10 of which were earned, for a 3.10 ERA / 2.99 FIP.  He has struck out 37.  He has been used equally against lefties and righties this year (64 plate appearances each), but his line against lefties has been a solid .183/.234/.267

No word on what the Astros gave up.  My guess is that Pérez's acquisition is worth a lottery ticket of some form.  Especially because lefty relief has been a problem area for the Astros for a while.  Sam Deduno moved to the 60-day DL to make room for Perez on the 40-man, but a 25-man roster change will need to be made.  Perhaps Wojciechowski returns to Fresno.

Updated bit:  The Astros gave up 19 year old lefty starting pitcher Junior Garcia in the trade.  Garcia started the season at Greenville, and was promoted to Tri-City, where he has appeared in two games.  His 2015 combined ERA (ie. at both levels) is 0.96 in 37.1 innings.  He has allowed 29 hits, 11 runs (but only 4 earned runs) while striking out 26 and walking 7.  His 2015 WHIP is 0.964.