Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Draft Coverage

The 2015 MLB draft is coming up in less than five minutes. The Astros pick later this year, than they have since the 2012 draft, dropping all the way to 2. And then they pick again, three picks later at 5. If you don't know why they have 2 and 5, just type in Aiken in that search box over there. We will be tracking the picks all night, with maybe some useful information.

1-2 - Alex Bregman

Alex Bregman is a 21 year old shortstop from LSU. He has been rumored for this spot for a while now, with the assumption that Swanson was going one. He is considered a pure hitter with a potential for power. He never strikes out, walking more than he k'd each of the last two years. He was 4 on the BA top 500 and Law's ranking. The talking heads seem to think he is a future 2B.

This is the free Baseball America scouting report for all draftees

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1-5 Kyle Tucker

You might know his brother. Kyle is considered the better prospect. He is considered an advanced bat, with good strike zone judgment. He recently broke Preston's record school HR record. Sibling rivalry and all. Law and BA both had him 8. Tucker is more athletic than his brother, and at least has the potential to stay in CF. The bat has the potential to play at the corners.

The Astros next pick will come at number 37. It will be interesting, as Daz Cameron, projected in the top 10 by many sources, is still on the board as of pick 14. There have been rumors of a high asking price, which the Astros might be the only team remaining able to meet. We'll see what they do in a couple hours.

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2-37 Daz Cameron

The rumors were true. Cameron floated a high demand, which scared enough teams off for the Astros to grab their third top 8 BA prospect. Mike Cameron's son, he is reported to have no outstanding tools, but a lot of above average tools. This is a steal, to get BA's number 5 prospect with the 37th pick. Law was not as high, but still slotted him at 13. Assuming they can sign him, which I have to imagine they had something in place with all three to pull this off, this is a real coup for the 2015 draft,

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2-46 - Thomas Eshleman

The Astros are starting to try to save some money for their earlier picks. The MLB crew used the terms pitchability, and threw out 80 command 70 control. As he was being drafted, tweets were flying about potential overuse in the super regional, as he was called on to close a game out after throwing over 100 pitches two days ago, and over 150 in the regionals. The good news is Cal State Fullerton won, so there's that,

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