Sunday, May 3, 2015

From the Office of the County Clerk - G24: Astros versus Seattle

Collin McHugh (3-0, 2.92) versus Taijuan Walker (1-2, 6.86)

Loyal readers.  Going to be a very quick and slight unconventional game recap today.  I am seriously pushed for time at the moment, and May is shaping up to be a beauty given the amount of work I have to climb through.  But this game - the ninth game in the win streak, and the game where the Astrso secured their fifth series win in a row, and set themselves up for the possibility of a four-game sweep tomorrow, cannot possibly go without comment.  So, some quick comments:

  • The Astros win by a score of 11-4
  • Collin McHugh had not allowed a home run for 24 and one-third innings, leading into this game.  So, of course, he had to concede three solo home runs in the second frame, and four solo home runs overall.  But he recovered well on got the win, eventually going seven frames, striking out three against two walks.
  • Nelson Cruz is hot.  Ouch.
  • The Astros and Mariners combined for nine home runs.  That sets a Minute Maid Park / Enron Field record, and is the record high for home runs in a game in 2015
  • The roof was open, and presumably every vacuum cleaner in the Houston CBD was turned on and pointed toward the stadium.  The balls were flying, especially out toward the Crawford Boxes.  I can see now why the roof is normally closed - aside from the oppressive summer heat, that is.
  • The Astros bats touched up Taijuan Walker for 3IP/7ER.  The Astros hit five home runs, including three into the Crawford Boxes.  The longest home run of the night was the three run shot from Jose Altuve, which hit off the Community Leader sign just to the left of the giant gas pump on the concourse.  
  • Altuve, of course, broke his own multi-hit-game-hit-streak.  He only managed one hit - but what a blow it was.  Worth looking up and getting the video.  Altuve has been hitting more fly balls this year, and he seems to be connecting more often with big shots.  His second homer over 400ft this year.
  • Colby Rasmus went 3-5 with 2x2B and a HR.  MoTM for Colby - very impressive.  His triple-slash is .268/.333/.577.
  • Handsome Hank Conger went 3-4 with a home run.  His triple slash - in very limited action - is .263/.417/.579.
  • After McHugh gave up three runs in the top of the second, the Astros scored two in the bottom half (2 out homer from Gattis), three in the third, and four in the fourth.  The Astros hit back-to-back shots twice this game - Gattis and Rasmus in the third, and Altuve and Valbeuna in the fourth.
  • Jake Marisnick can play D (excuse the talking heads at ESPN).
  • The Royals lost, so the Astros are now the AL Overloads, and are a half-game off the best record on the major-leagues.
Looking forward to tomorrow.  An early one (2 Eastern, 1 Central).  

J.A. Happ (2-1, 2.30) versus Roberto Hernandez (1.2, 3.80)