Monday, May 11, 2015

Astros County's Bits of Tid

Here are some bits of tid I found interesting on this off-day. At 20-12, the season is just about 20% complete.

*Record after 32 games, previous seasons...
2014: 10-22
2013: 8-24
2012: 15-17
2011: 13-19
2010: 11-21

*The last time the Astros were over .500 at the 32-game mark: 2006 (19-13). This is the best start after 32 games since 2004 (21-11).

*Since Jed Lowrie's injury, Houston shortstops are "hitting" .188/.220/.208 with more GIDPs (3) than extra-base hits (1).

*The Astros are 20-12 despite only three hitters on the active roster enjoying an OPS+ over 100: Altuve (146), Marisnick (145), and Rasmus (128).

*At 2.19, the Astros' pitching staff has the best BB/9 rate in the American League, and the 2nd-best in baseball, behind the Mets.

*At 50.8%, the Astros are one of three teams in baseball to have a GB% over 50% (Pirates 51.5%, Giants 50.5%).

*It doesn't look like the Astros' pitching success is smoke and mirrors. The team 3.45 ERA is backed up by a 3.57 FIP and 3.48 xFIP.

*Since the W10, the Astros are "hitting" .153/.224/.255 with 33 LOBsters, 64K:19BB in seven games.

*Jake Marisnick is hitting .212/.257/.333 in May.

*Chris Carter's 38.8% K-rate is 7% higher than his 2014 K-rate, and higher than his 2013 K-rate of 36.2% when he led the AL in strikeouts.

*Since Jason Castro's breakout 2013 season, where he posted an .835 OPS, he is hitting .221/.287/.364 (150 games, 604 Plate Appearances).

*Since the beginning of 2014, Jose Altuve's 6.5 WAR is 12th in all of baseball, and best among MLB second basemen.

*Even with Keuchel's rare "bad start" yesterday, he's leading the league in ERA (1.39), IP (51.2), ERA+ (297), and Hits/9 (5.1).

*Keuchel gave up 4ER in 6.2IP yesterday, or the same number of ER he had given up all season (45IP).

*Scott Feldman has gotten 18+ outs in five of his seven starts this season.