Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jed Lowrie out until after the All-Star Break

Well, crap. Jed Lowrie has been diagnosed with a tear in a ligament in his right thumb. This will require surgery, and he'll be out until after the All-Star Break.

Jonathan Villar - not Carlos Correa - has been called up from Fresno to replace him. Lowrie had played in 18 of the Astros' 19 games this season and posted a .300/.432/.567 line. While it's hard to gauge WAR through the first three weeks of the season, it's worth noting that the Astros are losing what has been the 2nd-best shortstop in the Majors (1.1 WAR, behind Jose Iglesias' 1.4 WAR).

So yeah, losing Lowrie is going to be a hill for the Astros to climb.


ntxlfty said...

Ahem. Somebody said something about trading for A-Rod? Is that door still open?

Anonymous said...

and then there is Carlos Correa hitting .400 @ Corpus...

Chris Cupp said...

to be fair, it was impossible to call up correa from Fresno.

I had thought trading for a-rod was a good idea during the offseason. seems like a similar situation that the rangers just got with Hamilton...someone who has/had the talent and was potentially looking for a fresh start.

but right now, where do you put him? valbuena is hitting very well..playing very good defense at 3rd. I suppose we could package singleton/carter in the trade for a-rod and have that play first. but I think most fans would agree that we would never want a-rod to directly influence correa WHEN he gets called up this year. "this is not the prospect you're looking for"