Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jarred Cosart just might be in trouble

Story is developing, and I can't get to the link right now, but former Astros great Jarred Cosart has deleted his Twitter account after *possibly* having it put onTwitter that home dude bets LARGE. 

It's unlikely he's betting on baseball, because it's Spring Training. So - if this is true - he's betting on basketball. Or rugby,

More later. 

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TSEknows said...

"Hey JC JC, place a bet for me, Sanna Ho Sanna Hey Superstar!"

More like Stuperstar, Jarred!

I used to think he was a nice kid who was just misunderstood. He was in my neice's class at Clear Creek High, so I stood up for him and defended him. But no longer. All signs point to him being an arrogant jerk who has made his own bed and now has to sleep in it.

Someone, Please, hide all of his electronic devices and ban him from online priviledges for at least the remainder of his playing career. And while you're at it, Kick some sense into him before it's too late. Wake up and smell the coffee, Jarred, Please!