Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Post-HOF Election Link Dump

A roundup of the best stories and articles as they relate to Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell, and the Hall of Fame.

Teammates react to Biggio's induction.

There will be a pep rally at Minute Maid this Friday afternoon.

Drayton will be in Cooperstown this summer.

Brandon Backe drove to Minute Maid yesterday to congratulate Biggio.

Hey, here's Alyson Footer on Biggio's move from catcher to 2B:
When you're a catcher in your comfort zone, and all of a sudden you're starting to figure that out, and then you have to play a new position that you never played in your life before? That could have been a career-ender for me.

From ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews:
Senior Craig Biggio, playing his first game at halfback, accounted for 40 of the 46 points scored by Kings Park (2-3). Biggio rushed for 224 yards and three touchdowns, threw an option pass for another TD and caught a nine-yard scoring pass, all in the first half.

Will Leitch:
We can talk all we want about morals and beliefs and rumors and The Right Way. But when you make Baseball's Hall of Fame about something other than baseball, when you make it about you...that's how you kill the Hall of Fame. And I don't want it to die.

Christina Kahrl (from 2010, but still relevant):
What has been especially noxious this time around is the treatment of Jeff Bagwell from some quarters as he arrives on the ballot. What has has been subjected to is little better than character assassination, where even the lack of any actual evidence, any scintilla of contemporary complaint from the writers themselves, or the especially self-serving 'he didn't rat on teammates to me' tack is being held against him. 

Cooperstown merchants are hopeful fans will come to Cooperstown.

Larry Dierker remembers Randy Johnson's one loss for the Astros.