Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Morning Link Dump

As you likely know by now, the Astros and Jed Lowrie agreed on a 3yr/$23m deal with an option that could push it to $28m. So how did the Astros come by Lowrie?

*December 14, 2011: Traded to Houston from Boston with Kyle Weiland for Mark Melancon.
*February 4, 2013: Traded with Fernando Rodriguez to Oakland for Chris Carter, Brad Peacock, and Max Stassi.
*December 15, 2014: Signed with Houston as a free agent

Lowrie posted a 1.8 WAR in 2014 (FanGraphs version), but Astros shortstops as a unit - Petit, Villar, Marwin - posted a 0.9 WAR combined. Lowrie's contract: 2015: $8m; 2016: $7.5m; 2017: $6.5m; 2018: $6m or a $1m buyout.

*The Astros said Carlos Correa is not changing positions, which makes things awkward for Colin Moran and Rio Ruiz.

*Astros, Twins, and Phillies are at 150:1 to win the 2015 World Series.

*Just to continue with this rumor for a little longer, Cole Hamels is from California and, while he may be interested in the West Coast, he just wants to win:
Whatever city is going after winning, that could definitely change every sort of perspective and every desire because that trumps almost everything. Winning.